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Futuristic solution for truck cargo automation and business system integration

Expandable operations
Multiple companies can be operated within a single interface, yet accounts and MIS reports can be independent. Enables multiple services through the same interface, for Cargo, Courier and Transportation. Supports unlimited number of branches and franchisees anywhere across the world.
Higher Return on Investment
The transportation domain being a widely distributed one, CAReGO offers lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). CAReGO has many unique features like Bit Processing and Sync Rapid Technology for data transfer. These technologies ensure smooth and speedy workflow without Leased lines or broad band connectivity. Even with dial up connections, CAReGO assures real time data availability in all branches. The CAReGO just required an EDP resource and does not need experienced Server or Database Administrators. CAReGO require low configuration hardware systems and do not require any third party software or utilities thus saving initial investments.
High fidelity client application
Distributed Client Application works in offline mode with Web server support ensure optimum operation speed unaffected by the real time inter branch connectivity available.
Savings on connectivity
Internet connectivity required only while application synchronises with web server and even that for a shorter time. This makes CAReGO most suitable for remote location operations where 24x7 connectivity cannot be ensured.

Operations, Control, Cost Saving Technology, Customer Support

CAReGO logistics has innumerable features that are very sensitive to the needs of transport operators and freight forwarding companies

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Expandable operations, Higher Return on Investment, High fidelity client application,Savings on connectivity

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